Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is Public Health?

Fellow Public Health professionals and other wannabes....

Visit this website to join the This Is Public Health Campaign.

Why you should attempt to join it or at least spread the word around?

As the website says:

"Most people don't understand what public health is, much less how it impacts their daily lives. The “This Is Public Health” campaign was designed by ASPH to let people know that public health affects them on a daily basis and that we are only as healthy as the world we live in."

Public Health does a lot for the general public, and they are not even aware of what we do for them. Therefore, Appreciation of our hard work is non-existent.

PH aids in most of the researches, investigative work like outbreak investigation, surveillance, inspection, spreading awareness, educating people, facilitating vaccination, etc.

We do a lot, and we need our share of respect and appreciation. Which will be attained in the next few decades.

For now, just make the general public aware of What PH does for them and how indeed we have a Huge (...ok moderate amount of..) Impact on their lives.

The campaign is a national effort and you just need to email them at , ask them for a couple of "This is Public Health" stickers. Stick them to a place where there are examples of PH in action, take some pictures and upload them to their Flickr website.

I just emailed them for a bunch, and if you see an over-zealous person sticking red stickers and taking pictures of's just me. Or your local Epidemiologist.

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